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Spoken Translation Outsources to Startup Focused Inventure Global

software startup discovers that outsourcing translates to speed-to-market in any language

San Diego – June 23, 2008 – Inventure Global, a San Diego-headquartered IT consulting firm with staff in India, recently completed an installer project for Spoken Translation that increased speed-to- market for the startup company’s flagship product, Converser.

Spoken Translation had a challenging project involving changes to the existing installer of its software product, in which numerous third-party software elements are integrated, each with their own idiosyncrasies.

The biggest challenge: time. Spoken Translation didn’t have the time needed for its busy in-house engineers to make changes in time for the product release, and the $200-$250 per hour price tag for most U.S.-based IT outsourcing firms on a rush job exceeded the project’s financial goals.

Spoken Translation turned to Inventure Global’s dual U.S./India IT outsourcing team. Inventure Global completed the critical installer changes on time and at about 25 percent the cost of other U.S. IT firms. Spoken Translation estimates the project took about half the time it would have taken the in-house team alone, benefitting from both the high quality team and Inventure Global’s around-the-clock development cycle.

“Frankly, we were reluctant to use an outsourced or overseas IT team at first. But the experience, responsiveness and professionalism of the Inventure Global staff in general, and lead engineer in India Amit Arora in particular, was impressive,” said Spoken Translation CEO Mark Seligman. “Amit was extremely acute and resourceful in addressing the range of our issues. He communicated with crystal clarity, worked at an intense pace, and was able to suggest and implement helpful simplifications. Meanwhile, Chris Harris stayed on top of the case from stateside for a seamless workflow.”

The Inventure Global team has a valuable combination of experiences as founders, employees, partners and investors in venture-backed technology companies. This experience base and their extensive IT knowledge support the initiatives of companies looking for a shorter path to profitability. “Outsourcing tough and time-sensitive IT projects makes sense when you have a fixed budget and a critical deadline. Time is often the biggest enemy startups face,” said Chris Harris, president of Inventure Global. “At Inventure Global we solve that problem by providing highly skilled and affordable IT engineers in the U.S. and India who can tackle critical IT tasks on tight deadlines at affordable rates.”

About Spoken Translation

Spoken Translation, Inc. (, headquartered in Berkeley, CA, creates ground-breaking solutions for automatic cross-lingual communication. Its mission is to enable wide-ranging conversations across language barriers by building intuitive software systems combining automatic translation, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and its own proprietary technology. Spoken Translation’s flagship commercial product, Converser for Healthcare, is the world’s first interactive software for reliable interpretation of wide-ranging conversations between English and Spanish speakers.

About Inventure Global

Inventure Global is a privately held California corporation based in San Diego with offices and staff also in India. It offers sophisticated IT and technology planning, design and implementation services for startups and growing businesses looking for experienced talent and intelligent support. More info: