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About Us

Spoken Translation, Inc. (STI) creates ground-breaking commercial and custom solutions for automatic cross-lingual communication. We also provide strategic and technical consulting services for multilingual technology iniriatives.

Berkeley, California-based STI was founded in 2002 by Dr. Mark Seligman to create products which help to affordably and reliably bridge language gaps. He assembled a team of dedicated employees, advisors, technology partners, and investors who share this vision:

STI's mission is to enable wide-ranging conversations across language barriers whenever and wherever they are needed, through cost-effective, intuitive software solutions combining automatic translation and speech recognition for PCs (including tablets), handhelds, Internet, and telephony.

STI is creating the first enterprise-strength systems for real-time, high-quality, broad-coverage speech-to-speech translation, providing affordable cross-lingual communication for the growing global economy.

The company's patented tools let users monitor and correct speech recognition and translation on the fly, yielding unprecedented conversational range without sacrificing reliability.

Say what you mean. Mean what you say.™

We also assist companies in evaluating and implementing customized cross-lingual solutions to serve their employees, partners, and customers.