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Dr. Mike Dillinger

Director of Linguistics

Dr. Mike Dillinger is an experienced developer of machine translation systems and development tools. A linguist with twenty years experience of research in simultaneous translation, semantics, text comprehension, and text production, he brings to Spoken broad international and interdisciplinary experience and his abilities as a polyglot (with skills in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, and German).

As Director of Linguistic Development for Global Words Technologies Corp., Dr. Dillinger was responsible for the development of existing and new machine translation technologies, leading the effort to integrate MT with tools for controlled language and translation memory. He implemented innovative development workflow processes which were reported in peer-reviewed publications. He was also active in business plan development, and made numerous investor presentations. Previously, Dr. Dillinger held similar responsibilities at Logos Corporation. A fluent speaker of Portuguese, he led the development of their English-to-Portuguese commercial MT system.

Dr. Dillinger consulted for the Universal Networking Language project of the United Nations University in Tokyo, where he participated in the Specifications Task Force and wrote draft specifications for the Universal Networking Language as part of a global effort to implement distributed, interlingua-based machine translation.

Dr. Dillinger was also Professor of Linguistics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where he taught computational linguistics and other topics. He has held various positions as Assistant, Associate, and Adjunct Professor since 1982. He has also worked as an independent consultant on experimental design and statistical analysis and as a translator/interpreter between English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.