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Converser™ for Healthcare, English<>Spanish

How It Works

  • First, enter your text or select from our Translation Shortcuts (in English or Spanish). Text to be translated can be entered in four ways: (1) using spoken dictation (primarily for healthcare workers and long-term users); (2) by touchscreen; (3) via handwriting recognition; and (4) through standard keyboard. Users can select and freely mix their preferred input methods. Voice-driven facilities enable immediate correction of dictation errors. To save time, you can also choose among pre-verified phrases—our unique Translation Shortcuts™.
  • Next, translate your sentence . . . and verify the translation! Converser lets you verify that your words have been correctly translated by displaying translations of the translations, specially prepared using our patent-pending process. If you find translation errors, you can correct them using easy-to-understand Meaning Cues™. For example, you can specify desired word meanings using standard synonyms.
  • Click the system’s OK button to transmit the verified translation to others. When the translation is sent, synthesized native speech is generated. Visit our home page for a step-by-step demo.
  • Let Spanish-speakers respond. Spanish speakers use a Spanish user interface with Spanish Translation Shortcuts.
  • Save the conversation in a bilingual transcript! Keep it for your records, or send a copy home with a patient.
Converser for Healthcare

To purchase Converser™ for Healthcare, or for additional information on Spoken Translation products call 1-866-SPOKENT.