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Spoken Translation, Inc (STI) provides the world’s first industrial-strength solutions for reliable translation of wide-ranging conversations via typing, handwriting, pointing -- even speech! Users can raise output quality and raise confidence by interactively monitoring and correcting translation.

STI's first product, Converser™ for Healthcare, is designed for standalone platforms and face-to-face use in the healthcare domain. Initially, conversations between English and Spanish speakers will be facilitated. In the near future, the company's interactive translation and mulitmodal interface technology will be extended to new languages and applications. Mobile and remote implementations -- for instant messaging, chat, and email -- are also planned.


Translation: the problem!

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in machine translation solutions for document translation. However, to date, such programs have rarely been successfully applied for translating conversations in healthcare and other serious domains. A major shortcoming: they have lacked adequate facilities for monitoring and correcting translation errors.

Lacking any knowledge of the output language, how can users know whether the translation is adequate -- whether it says what they want to say? And if it does not, what can they do about it?


Enter STI – interactively!

STI's proprietary Controlled Back-translation(TM) technology provides an accurate translation of the translation back into the source language. Back-Translation lets even monolingual users assess the faithfulness of each translated turn. If errors are found, repairs can often be made by rephasing or simplifying.

Many translation problems arise because an expression in the input language may have multiple meanings, and -- despite the best efforts of the machine translation program -- the wrong meaning has been chosen for translation. For example, the expression "right knee" may be mistranslated as "correct knee" (since "right" can mean "correct" as well as "right-hand"). In such cases, STI's patent-pending Meaning Cues(TM) technology comes to the rescue. Users can judge the current meaning of each input language expression using synonyms, definitions, or other cues. If a word's current meaning is the wrong one, the right meaning can be selected for instant retranslation.

The resulting translation is reliable -- because it's verifiable! Users can move ahead in the conversation with confidence (and keep a bilingual record of all corrected translated turns).